Player Injury Benefit Fund (Updated Feb 2021)

The GAA’s Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee have developed the following advice and resources for players in relation to injuries.

• Injury prevention

• Concussion Management

• GAA Injury Benefit Fund (which includes the claims procedure and medical certification)


GAA Injury Scheme – Male Members (Adult & Juvenile) and Nursery

The Scheme provides benefit to male members playing Hurling, Gaelic Football and Handball whose clubs are registered with the scheme.

The Injury Benefit Fund is funded entirely from Club and GAA funds. There is no legal obligation on the GAA to provide such a Scheme. Risk is an inherent factor in sport. When members voluntarily take part in club activities, they accept the risks that such participation may bring.

The GAA Injury Benefit Fund does not seek to compensate fully for Injuries sustained but to supplement other Schemes such as Personal Accident, Income Protection, Private Health Insurance for example. The playing of Gaelic Football, Hurling, Handball and Rounders’ involves the risk of Injury and it is each individual registered player’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the terms and benefits of the GAA Injury Benefit Fund. The Injury Benefit Fund only provides cover for unrecoverable losses up to the limits specified.

In summary, the GAA Injury Benefit Fund is in place to cover benefits which cannot be claimed elsewhere. Therefore, if a claimant is seeking to claim benefit from the fund, they must exhaust all other avenues before making a claim under the GAA Injury Benefit Fund. Furthermore, the Injury Benefit Fund should not be used as a guarantee for the payment of expenses.

Ultimately, the responsibility to ensure that adequate cover is in place lies with the individual member.

The Scheme is administered by Willis Insurance and runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. Should a GAA Injury Benefit claim be reported for a claimant who is not registered or who is registered on the membership system after the date of injury, the claim will be declined.

There is no cover under the GAA Injury Benefit Fund for injuries sustained at unauthorised \ unofficial competitions, charity events, recreational activities and fundraisers.

The most common claims made under the Scheme are for medical and dental expenses and these are summarised below. The Scheme also covers claims for loss of wages, supplementary hospital benefit and permanent disability, information on these is available from the GAA website.

1 Medical Expenses

If you have medical insurance such as VHI or Laya Healthcare etc, a claim must be made with your medical insurance provider in the first instance. You must submit all of your original medical receipts to your private medical insurer provider. Once you submit your original medical receipts, your private third party medical insurer will assess your claim and provide you with a ‘statement of account’ clearly stating the benefits that they have covered or not covered. A copy of this ‘statement of account’ must be submitted under the GAA Injury Benefit fund.

Otherwise unrecoverable medical expenses are covered up to a maximum of €4,500.00 (This benefit includes cover for MRI scans up to a limit of €300.00 per scan and post-operative physiotherapy \ treatments up to a limit of €320.00).

For the purposes of assessing claims under the GAA Injury Benefit fund, medical expenses are defined as: doctors’ fees, consultation fees, surgery fees, prescription charges, injection fees, MRI scans and post-operative treatments. The first €100.00 of each and every claim is excluded. Where a claimant has private medical insurance and makes a successful claim for benefit, in that benefit is paid via their private medical insurance policy, the €100 excess on each and every claim will not apply on the claimant’s claim.

Please note that unrecoverable medical expenses will only covered up to two years after the Injury date. For example, if the injury date is the 01/02/2020, unrecoverable medical expenses associated with the injury sustained on that date will only be covered up to the 31/01/2022

There is no cover for pre-operativePlayer Injury Schemes – Update to section in Website Feb 2021 (FAO RD) Player-Club-Declaration template InjuryBenefitFundSummaryDocument 2020 (002) Medical-Certification template LGFA Preliminary-Claim-Form physiotherapy \ treatments or treatments of a pre-injury prevention \ post injury prevention nature. The only physiotherapy \ treatments that maybe claimed are for treatments that are post-operative i.e. physiotherapy \ treatment that takes place after a surgical procedure. In the absence of surgery, there is no cover for physiotherapy \ associated treatments.

For the purposes of the fund, surgery* is defined as treatment administered by a surgeon by the act of incision on an anaesthetised patient (whether conscious or unconscious) to inv

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